Dev Blog - Second Playtest - Cookie Dragon Games

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It’s time for another playtest! Starts May 6th, 8 AM PST

Requires an account at Yes, it has changed from If you made an account previously, please make a new one for the while before I can migrate data off of WordPress.

New features

  • Simple inventory system
  • Climbing tower, get to the top!
  • Emotes! Try, ALT+2, ALT+3, and ALT+4
  • Character creator! Start picking how your character looks
  • Different weapons to equip with new attack animations

Known Issues

  • You can spam pickup on the item and duplicate them
  • Enemies are still OP
  • Blocking is OP but sometimes you can get stuck
  • You can’t equip clothing yet

In the mean time, the character creator can be found on A account is required to save the character

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