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Report game breaking bugs here.

(DarkAnswer) #5

Really laggy, like I said earlier.

(The Cookie Dragon) #6

Yeah, it’s going to be laggy for a while. Lots to fix.

(LandMix) #7

Issues with the Keidran models; not sure if it’s just my model currently. Tho, I still do see the NPC’s fully walking around just normally. Plus adding the Creator does have some issues when I mess with one thing it breaks on me and I have to go exit and press create again.

(The Cookie Dragon) #8

Well, it works on mine other than night being really, really dark. There are a few npc’s that are keidran. Stephine behind that wall is one of them. I’ll try to investigate further. If you can get a picture during the day time that would be great.

(LandMix) #9

I realized. It might be that I am missing something that I downloaded in the files…Yeah, it’s just me for some reason. Whenever I spawn in the world it sends me in the sky, so I probably broke the character…

(LandMix) #10

Here is one in Daylight. Cheers.

(The Cookie Dragon) #11

Hmm, can you walk up to any of the characters and make sure they are not missing anything? And see if redownloading the game fixes it

(LandMix) #12

They are there for me. I will re-download later tonight.

(The Cookie Dragon) #13

Few more things to fix but I just uploaded a new patch that might fix your missing characters.

(LandMix) #14

I got it, had to re-download then remake the character again. Thanks.

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Hi @ixurion, can you send the output log too?
Should be in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Cookie Dragon Games\Twokinds Online\output_log.txt on windows