Find a bug? Report it

Here is one in Daylight. Cheers.

Hmm, can you walk up to any of the characters and make sure they are not missing anything? And see if redownloading the game fixes it

They are there for me. I will re-download later tonight.

Few more things to fix but I just uploaded a new patch that might fix your missing characters.

I got it, had to re-download then remake the character again. Thanks.

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Hi @ixurion, can you send the output log too?
Should be in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Cookie Dragon Games\Twokinds Online\output_log.txt on windows

Hello to all of you readers
I’m new here as far as the game etc. but as if I encountered a problem …
it looks like this:
I downloaded the game through Steam-Norm
I turned on the game through Steam - no problems
everything turned on - perfect
I logged in - no problems
character done - it’s good
the game has united me - it’s ok
i think so what can happen bad everything beautiful cool no?
and now it’s the problem
moving - does not work
ESC or equipment, status and information about the character and other things in the “book” work but the following things do not work:
AWDS not working - moving
camera rotation - does not work
1234 actions assigned to this top bar do not work
exiting combat mode does not work
and so it looks like it works
“help! i stuck” doesn’t help
re-enabling the game does not help, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game does not help
checking the consistency of files in steam also
I can’t find the s crash report anyway my theories about it don’t sound like this
Maybe it’s because of the location where the game is located
maybe it’s via the keyboard? but the keyboard works normally
and I don’t know if it’s a bug or by hardware
windows 10
the grafic card works fine (besides, I like the graphics so far and I think the game can be quite successful ^^) the hardware requirements are also quite correct and I don’t know what to do :frowning:
I hope someone will help me and it doesn’t seem like an easy problem to me, solutions to everything and finding Crashlog is practically impossible (or I’m blind, including I’m a kid)
and anyway, everything looks like it works and screen is unlikely to help too much (counting on the fact that I also can’t find screenshots and Steam refuses to obey somehow when it comes to making screenshots as well as Shift + Tab) but I hope only the “letters” will help or description and I’m sorry I wrote but I tried to put here all the most important things
I’m hoping that I will get the help I need to solve it, I’m counting on the happy end ^^ (there is nothing like being an optimist) and at the end I like the game except for this error with movement, but this is a side note
and now just wait
looking forward to help
Regards ^^

(P.S: for all ambiguities when it comes to sentences or spelling informs that I use the Google translator sincerely because my English is not good and I come from Poland
(and a bit embarrassing because I have never had to write for help because I usually could solve such problems myself, but it must be the first time at last? and I hope I did not offend anyone and wrote it culturally ^^)
and I am afraid of reaction but what I hope is going to be good and I do not play this breed Bastini maybe it is also important info)

Heya, your character appears but you can’t move? Would you be able to plug in a controller and see what that does?

welcome back
so … em … it doesn’t work I found some controller and so the computer found it has drivers but in the game it doesn’t matter
I can also add that in the Posing area, AWDS movement works normally, but turning the camera is no longer as well as interacting as I can find something else, but honestly so far this is all I have found, that is, it looks like moving in a posing area works in 50% or AWDS but the camera does not work and in the game normally stands in place

P.S Thank you for devoting me time UwU

Any ideas?

I’m not sure, can you send the output log? And send a screenshot for when you log into the game world?

you mean screen how do i log in to the game and see the character list anyway? And as for the log, this is also a problem because I can’t find it, the main reason is rather that I don’t see the folder called “dragon cookie games” if I’m not mistaken because that should be all crash logs and input and output logs

hmm, what if it’s the main mistake? What if the lack of a folder means no drivers or other files responsible for the traffic?

exscuse mua? nani?
I recently started the game June 18, today we have 21, did you do any updates or something because the game started to work and more precisely moving so you gave some path?
Anyway, thank you for your time and now I can start alpha game tests and come up with things to add
good luck developing the game ^^

There has been no updates but I guess it’s working better for you now?

yes of course ^^