Greetings everyone :D

(DarkAnswer) #1

Hey guy’s,

I’m DarkAnswer, I just found out about the game.
Can’t wait to play it.
When will the servers open again btw ?

(The Cookie Dragon) #2

Hi there! I just moved and the server where at my place so I don’t have a real eta. I have to change out the router because I can’t get the ports open on our current one. I’m going to estimate 1 to 2 weeks although if I am reminded again soon I might be able to work on it more.

Thank you for being interested :smile:

(DarkAnswer) #3

I think it’s really cool that you managed to create such a game by yourself.
Please inform me when ya get the servers back open again, i’d really appreciate that :smiley :smiley:

(The Cookie Dragon) #4

I’ll write back here when it’s up!

Yeah, its slow going but I have some help.

(DarkAnswer) #5

Thanks m8.

(The Cookie Dragon) #6

So, the server will be up soon I but I’m having some port forwarding issues so it might not be up for a few more days. I will have an update for the game out soon to see if it is forwarding properly.

(DarkAnswer) #7

Aww cool m8.
Btw, do you have teamspeak or something ?

(The Cookie Dragon) #8

I use discord. Here’s the invite link I created a while ago.
There’s not many on and I’m actually at work right now but I check it every once in a while.

(DarkAnswer) #9

It’s invalid, do you voice chat btw ?

(The Cookie Dragon) #10

Ill make a new join link later than, thanks for telling me that. I voice chat occasionally but I do not leave it on by default

(DarkAnswer) #11

Alright, thanks for the badge btw.

(The Cookie Dragon) #12

Heres a new invite code
The badge is from being active on the forum. The more active you are, the more you can do :stuck_out_tongue:

(DarkAnswer) #13

Thanks, I’m in.

(The Cookie Dragon) #14

Try this download, if you can’t connect tell me.
I also highly recommend getting desktop for automatic updates

(DarkAnswer) #15

Is that the updated version ?

(The Cookie Dragon) #16

Should be, yes.

(DarkAnswer) #17

So, when are the servers up ?

(The Cookie Dragon) #18

Should be up now but if you cant connect it means my isp is blocking ports. Im going to have to call them

(DarkAnswer) #19

I’ll check again