Have an Idea for the Game?

Let’s make a old Doom/wolfenstein like game!

I have a game idea! :3 How about longer hair styles?

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Hi! yes, mor hairstyles will be in the works including long hair. I want to be able to give hair some reactive physics to bounce around when running but it’s a bit complicated so for now hair is going to be set in place on the head.

What about boob physics? Don’t deny it, we all love that great feature…(Jk XD)

Well, to be honest, we looked into the tech and it should be possible. It was kind of forgotten about :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty much the same system that animates the tail works well for the jiggle system.

I do got a serious question tho. Will we get a thread were we can make guilds? Then if someone wants to be apart of it they can put a comment on it? As well as maybe an thread that states who is an official guild or group?

Well, all that is going to be handled in game. I think in the future I can make private sections on the forum for each guild for the members to speak with each other but for now I might just have a section for guild recruitment.

Other than in game stuff, I have plans for guild management on the website. I’m thinking some web portal that lets you look at your characters, items, and manage any guilds you are a leader in. It will be simple stuff at first but I want people to be able to manage their stuff in and out of the game.

I added a guild/company recruitment category to try out some stuff.

I am assuming you want to create your own company in game right?

Yes and no. Yes I kinda want to do somewhat of a crafting/merchant guild btw. Altho, we need to work on that so not atm. XD. Thanks tho.

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I suggest that you make the characters’ eyes slightly bigger, to make them look a little more like the comics’.

Warning, This is going to be a very long post of exagerrated ideas, that are written in a bad english too. I’m no game develper nor artist, but I think you could maybe get some ispiration from this rambling, removing it’s status of “waste of time”. Thanks…and sorry at the same time.

I’ll say that the basic combat that there is in the game right now is not very appealing, I tought that the game could just copy from other hack and slash RPGs (Ex. Dark Souls) with a stamina system, maybe a parry system too, but maybe it should just be

  • -Focused on Movement.

Weapons should leave a colorful trail behind them, and all weapons ( even small one) should have a somewhat big swipe, you will need to dogdge the strikes by jumping, walking backwards or running in the opposite direction of them. This should render the game really cool to look, but most importantly, skill based. To balance the fact that you could just swing for days to win, you could do that the initial frames of the block, interrupts an attack and leave the opponent open, the others frames of the block, should like nullify 95% of the damage and knockback the enemy a little.

  • Types of Weapons
    I saw in the homepage that you seek different playstyles, if you make the weapon roster really diverse, you’ll surerly have that. Dagger players will run out of enemy weapon’s range and then close in for some stabs, Lance players will keep the pressure from long distance, sword should be balanced ect… speaking of types of weapons…

  • Lethal and Non-Lethal
    How many times in the comic guards actually killed? I don’t know the exact number (lol) but I’m pretty sure that most of the time they prefer arresting the threat. Like DnD, you could “switch” from these two types of damage( maybe changing the animation, with swings at the legs or hitting with the hilt of the sword),or Fists and claws could be used as a “stun” weapon type. For players and Guilds, they could put some animals to sleep to breed them in their land to sell products like milk or skin and a guard in a city should not be forced to kill a player just because he accidentally swing a word in his face. Speaking of death…

  • Downed State
    This is a semi-permanent death game, Seeing your character dying really fast, with like 0 dramacity leaves you…empty.
    At low health, or a powerful poison or even a sleep spell should put the character laying on the ground.
    This could create a fun experience for Group players, because you coud maybe help your friend by giving them a potion, or healing them with magic, maybe even implement some skills based on it, like “Real Friendship” will bring you back on your feet if you see that one of your friend falls in a downed state too. To balance the Group Play vs. Solo play, you should be able to get up on your feet on your own, maybe you could use a potion only if you have equipped it in a belt, that is more accessble than a bag, Or maybe The AI in solo play are more prone to just walk away, leaving you in a pool of blood, after they stole everything from you…

  • Different Races, Different Stats
    I saw some videos, but didn’t notice how much the stats affect the gameplay, a change of stats should mean a really diverse gameplay from the races and imagining that I said before is implemented in the game the stats should influence:

-Strenght : what type of weapons you could use, and adds damage to the weapons that use brute force.

-Endurance: The Stamina used to jump, run, swing, block and parry in combat to limit the flow of combat, outside in combat the bar of stamina should act as a hunger bar, for example on a nourished character 70 stamina, but the bar bar slowly depletes to 60, when in combat, the bar won’t recharge higher than 60, so it becomes important to eat…and maybe drink(For Magic?) and Sleep(for HP?) not only for roleplay issues, but even for combat issues.

-Dexterity: It unlocks special “Agility skills”(Dodge roll?Quickstep?Disarming?) and adds to the damage of weapons that require finesse(bows, daggers,rapiers…)

-Intelligence: I would rename the stat just to “Magic”, Trace in the comic just uses the magic, doens’t put a lot of thought into it, obviously determines the MP bar, the damage of magic and its skills.

-Charisma and Luck : Uh. They are self explanatory, and I’m usually happy with the presence of these two stats in RPGs, but this time i can’t think of a good idea other than GOOD SALES with NPCs and CRITICAL HITS for Dexterity classes… I was thinking of something better… something like…

    I see that in the game you can crouch, what purpose does it have really? I can give it one, to hide.
    Maybe it’s a little too much but could be cool that depending on what clothes/fur you have, you can camouflage yourself in the environment. A Snow Wolf is perfect in a city with white walls, a Basitin crawling in the dirt or even a Human in a crowd. Maybe a simpler method is Are you in a bush? Hidden. Are you behind a wall? Hidden. Are you in a dark area? Hidden, simple checks. Oh, it’s easy to say to the AI, “This player is hidden, you can’t see him” but for players? I think a girl with purple hair sticking out from a bush it’s not something that a player could not notice. So to balance, when you achieve the status “Hidden” you should just… become more or less transparent depending on the hiding spot, the Stealth stats of the hidden guy, and the AWARENESS of the other guy.

    .In combat it’s used to see the status of the enemies you are facing. Like a low awareness player will see “He’s Okay” on a player that has both 100% or 10% health. A player with high awareness should see different stages like “He’s fine” “He’s okay” “He’s not good” “He’s near-death” and maybe even “He is confident” when it has a lot of mana, “He’s scared” When he’s out of mana.
    In stealth, Awareness nullify the effect of trasparency at a certain range, The range depends on the numbers in Awareness vs Stealth, it should unlock Talents like “I’m being watched” After you succesfully spotted a stealthed enemy, the game will briefly show you the position of its teammates, this again, will Balance Solo vs Group play, or another example, you could unlock for Basitins a Sound Radar, that shows you the direction of footsteps and what not, speaking of…

  • Other Ways to Counter Stealth
    Footsteps should make sound, leave a trace and make a particle even when Hidden, so a good low Awareness player, has still a chance to retailate. The environment should help detect a player nearby(a Keidran or a Basitin that have just swimmed could have the wet fur smell, so players specialized in smell could spot them from afar, a Human using magic leaves a mark on the ground etc…) another example could be the rain, smell and sight become useless, but footsteps in the water make a lot of sound.

    Starting with the simpler things…

  • The Mana Bar
    Human should have a normal Mana Bar, the bar should be boosted when near a tower, if the mana has ran out, each use of magic will have a big cost on HP.
    Keidran, on the other hand, should have a display of magic crystals, Powerful spells outright destroys a crystal, instead minor spell uses the mana in them, Landmarks in the world should let Keidran restore mana in their crystals for free but every crystal has a limit, in that case they should buy a new one from a vendor.
    Basitins, :frowning: .

  • Magic is like programming
    I don’t remember in what sketch/fan art Tom said this, but this opens a whole new system on magic, You could craft your own spells, by learning New words from spell books or with special talents.
    Ex. If you know the words Deal, Heal, Fire , Target, Laser
    You could craft “Deal a Fire Damage to Target with a laser” or “Heal Target from Fire with a laser”
    Every word should have a value of complexity, like Deal and Fire are 20, target is 5 . A spell has a max value of complexity depending on your intelligence(or magic) level, the damage should be scaled with level rather than stats, so we don’t have one shot magic build… but this would ruin the fun of some players… Speaking of players…

    I’m not the most expert in this sector, but to aid the roleplay, you should maybe have two separate servers.
    You should try to write some lore and give a reasoning behind eveything even the most stupid things, like… A character doens’t disconnect, he just goes to sleep, or Nora just teleport him away for a joke, or you could only chat with someone in the three languages of the comic(Human, Baiting and Keidran) and if a player doesn’t know the same language, itt will only read gibberish from your chat messages. There could be quest to learn other languages. Speaking of quests…

  • NPCs and work
    Not only you should put lot of NPCs in town that makes requests and such, this game could become pretty cruel, with all the players using stealth to steal from new players, or spawn camping, the cities must be guarded by powerful NPCs, and maybe even you could become a guard yourself, It’s easy money just for walking around in town, to counter this, robbing people and houses should be more rewarding, creating comunity driven guilds with a meaning.
    Another excample is…if you want to create an efficent guild focused on merchandising, Who is willing to only play to work for you? Slaves, that’s who. Other guilds focused on freeing slaves could be created then.
    Outside of town we can have NPCs Thieves that mostly aim to players with lots of possession, traveling merchants when you need to stock up on the go and maybe even a carriage that goes from city to city that functions like a fast travel to players that are quick enough to stop it.( and have the gold to pay it).

I think the most important thing that will draw players to your game, not the Combat, not the Stealth, not the Magic, not even the Roleplay aspect, but the fell of playing a Twokinds game. I’m not at artist, neither a game developer, but this doesn’t fell like a Twokinds game at the moment.
Recently i finished Uncharted 4, and it gives some little bonuses, like filter to the audio and video if you want to replay it with a twist. One of these filters is…

  • Cel Shading
    In Uncharted 4 it seems like a little filter, that they put in like 2 minutes in the game, It does an okay job, but how hard is going to be to have proper cel shading? I imagine very hard, but I think you should try something similar at least.
  • Music
    Music is a mostly overlooked aspect of a game, it can benefit a game Greatly, and I know that there is this artist, NeonMitsumi I think, he created an OST for Twokinds, you could try to contact him for some tracks to this game. I think you’ll need a “Peaceful Music”, a “Stealth Music” and a “Combat Music” that smoothly transiti from one another for every section of the world.

Aaand… I think that’s it, for today at least, I will come back tomorrow to spell chek and to add new ideas if i come up with something else in the mean time, but I’m sure you’ll be occupied reading all of this first…Sorry and Thanks again!

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Oh man, you just put into words a lot of what I want to do. Lets see, a few highlights…

  • I like the idea of how to adjust blocking to only stun on the beginning.

  • I agree with the lethal/non-lethal. It kind of ties into the Downed State. I want the player to go unconscious at zero health and start bleeding out. They can be stabilized by teammates like you said. That way it’s a little more forgiving that just you’re dead. Good Ideas.

  • I was messing with giving the Basitins more strength and endurance since they can’t use magic. I also want to give them more martial skills so they don’t feel weaker without magic.

  • Yes, crouching is going to lead to stealth, just not implemented yet.

  • Some things with stealth in the future is like the awareness you described put probably simpler. Also there Identity where masks can make it harder for other to identify their name. Say if an assassin is in and out in a quick enough time, there will be no bounty because they where not identified.


  • Both races can use mana crystals, humans will have a skill that allows them to have a small amount of mana in their body that recharges naturally. I like the idea of breaking crystals of the more powerful spells. Maybe have different qualities of crystals.
  • I vaguely remember something like the programming magic but I thought it was for something else… I think I was reading about how Ryzom worked.


  • I don’t to leave player bodies long term in the world when they are off so I’m not sure how to do that lorewise. I do want to encourage logging off in a bed. Grant rest exp bonus gain or something. I would love to have a language system where each race has a native language and can be obfuscate from each other in chat. Priority-wise, I want to get some roleplay elements in so people can make machinimas of the comic.


  • Yeah, lots of npcs with roles, jobs can be taken on like protecting the town as a guard.


  • outline effect should help. I have some original music. I will be contacting NeonMitsumi soon. Not much of the art style is there yet. I just barely hired a 3d artist for the character models. The world will be slow to match the style. I’m still messing with some toon shaders to get that cel shaded look. Its more than just the shaders though, handpainted textures will really help with the style.

Thanks for writing all this! It’s really helping me organize some thoughts.

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Eheheh, No thanks you for the quick response. I will continue to daydream during my daily routine so I can write other posts like this. Should I edit my message or create a new one for short ideas?

Heck, if everything you post is this big, start your own threads! Smaller thoughts can just be thrown in here as new posts.

And it’s me again, with my usual bad english, but strangely enough, today I’m gonna be quick with my idea.
Am I running out of ideas? Probably not…I hope, it’s the only way I could help this project…nah I shouldn’t worry…

Anyway, MMORPGs usually have a Faction system, that helps both players and AI recognize who is an ally and who is not. Although you could go a little further. How about a…

  • Reputation Status
    Killing players, freeing slaves, taking quest from a faction should grant you a hidden title. Peaceful or Chaotic regarding the amount of combat vs playtime, Templar or Rebel or any other side preferred, Cold Blooded or Merciful Soul the amounts of kills vs spared victims etc.

  • NPCs
    With the word spreading, NPCs could react in various ways(like an entire town just try to avoid you or you get gifts from people) making the world feel more “alive”. There should be a way to “lay low” because too much attention( even good one) could be detrimental for some ( players recognized everywhere could not hide in town running from someone, evil players will lose the chance to buy from city vendors if guards attack on sight).

  • Players
    Players could have some use for this information, like getting to know before hand the playstyle of a player that wants to join your company or organizing baits(good natured players will probably try to save a someone’s life in the forest, bandit could stage someone getting attacked to lure the player)

The methods to know the reputation of a player could be hiring a spy, talking to villagers or use certain skill.
Strangely that’s it for this interesting feature, I’ll add later if anything comes in mind.

I’ve just got an Idea.

On the front Page you said that lifespan is short at Mekkan, how much exactly? The game genre is an MMO, a genre famous for the long hours of gameplay.

I don’t rember exactly but I think the races lifespan are 20 years for Keidrans, 40 for Basitins and 80 for Humans. Keeping in mind that the we take control of a character that has just reached adulthood( 8 years old for Keidrans? So 12 years left; 15 years old for Basitin? So 25 years left; and 20 years for Humans? So 60 years left ) Let’s say we use hours starting from the first login of a newly create character. If 10 hours = 1 year.

  • Human 600 hours (25 days)
  • Basitin 250 hours (10,4 days)
  • Keidran 120 hours (5 days)

Mhh… 5 days for Keidran is REALLY short, maybe you want to be so cruel, but I don’t reccomend it, even If you play like for 3 hours in these 5 days, the player will never sympathize with the character for the lack of time. Maybe instead of normal time, play time could be used, and when you’re offline the play time Raises REALLY slowly. How much slow? Well depends where you’re…

First of all, I imagine the effects of sleeping could be:

  • EXP Bonus
    This could be give by an EXP Boost for the Next time you login in or you multiply the exp you gained that day(the meaning behind it could be that you reflect on what you did during the day, on …your experiences )

  • Relieve stress
    Sleeping should at least Heal minor wounds and remove most of the negative status effects. Stress age people faster, so not going to sleep should hurt the lifespan of an individual.

Disconnecting without the proper logout procedure could do one of two things:

  • The Cruel way
    The character faints on the spot. A helpless player on the ground should be ignored or looted at max if found by NPCs, maybe even taken to a town by a guard, or if found in a hosting area, captured and only in rare cases killed.

  • The merciful way
    The character interrupts whatever he’s doing, and then a special animation stats é here the character turns around and start running away so fast that nothing can keep up(Similar to GTA Online), during the animation the character should be invincibile and vanish in thin air. To balance that maybe the character should drop something like money or items. When logging in again the character should spawn near a town.

Logging off in the normal way should have a slight delay so you can’t instantly go to bed when followed by enemies(So players that are interested only in the Exp can’t just hide their items and go to sleep, even in front of enemies cause they can’t be robe if they have nothing on them), an enemy trying to engage with you should cancel the logout(Lots of MMOs do that).

Places where you can sleep are:

  • _ No sleep after flee(see merciful way)_ / On the ground(see cruel way)_
    Other than the already stated risks, -5% gained that session. Hurts lifespan badly.

  • Hidden spot
    The character still sleeps on the ground, but tries to hide in some way, like putting leaves on him, sleeping in a bush or in a Sleeping Bag that matches the color of the ground.
    +5% EXP gained that session. Hurts moderarely lifespan.

  • Tent
    Needs to be crafted(or bought) and takes some time to set up(Better If the player should do it manually). One tent should have space for two. +25% EXP gained that session, Being Well rested Boost your stats for the Next login. Hurt lifespan a little.

You can find one in a hotel or in your House. +50% EXP gained that session, +50% + 50% Bonus Exp for Next login, Different qualities of bed may give you Different effects for the Next login. Doesn’t hurt lifespan at all.

Sleeping has a Lot of potential in skill department, “Finally some quiet” boosts the bonuses when you are sleeping alone, “Basitins are restless” can make Basitins ignore the -5% EXP Malus from a disconnect.

That’s it for now, lore-wise is hard to explain why people in Mekkan sleep for like 2 days and then stay awake for an hour, maybe Ephemural created has casted a magic all over Mekkan, people get dizzy and tried randomly, the balance of nature is being broken, and our characters want to resolve/capitalize on the situation. I’m no fan fix writer but for a main quest this isn’t too bad, I think!

Quick idea.

I’ve seen from the videos that the text chat popup over the head of a character. I think it would be cool to NOT have a normal text chat and keep it this way, improving the system. Like you could choose to Shout, Talk and Whisper, maybe If the character has a good hearing, you could see the general direction of chatter and hear one or two words of conversations really far away.

A normal chat box could be used for System messages, mental links or telepathy, another skill idea.

Hello dear readers
I decided that I would add my “bill of ideas” to this world, otherwise I would not write it what not hehe
but let’s start but with what …:

Hobbies or something:
I came up with the idea to add to the game something like a circle of interest to diversify the gameplay, to add mechanics similar to craft things and what do I mean?
For when I write interests, I mean cooking or playing, e.g. guitar
cooking: In the location where we land at the beginning (read the islands) there is an island on which we can grow grain or corn which we could just do something with them e.g. from cereal in the oven bread that would give greater regeneration of life and if the mechanics of hunger came just more saturation
cooking can be developed to not only increase the percentages for doing a given thing but also to learn something else that would be better than the previous thing, improve cooking by gaining experience to make different dishes and not by allocating skill points from level
Of course, each food has different effects or effects
what I understand by playing the instrument: that we could give ourselves something like a buff, for example, by playing something
battle music: a greater desire to fight, adding a buff to an attack
calm music: mana regeneration or life points
you could also give specific ones, for example
music that is sad or sleepy: reduces the power of the enemy or puts him to sleep
each circle of interests would have its pros and cons
minus such that it takes us a place for another interest
it could be added that the players could not know everything limiting how many things they could learn so that they would not work out
adventurer how deadly dangerous when he puts you to sleep
to this could also be added skills connecting circles of interest, for example: you can put music spells to sleep in food + the ability to cook poisonous dishes = cooking things after which the player hears some music acting on the character that puts him to sleep, and the poison slowly knocks him out

Character classes:
The character would be able to take over a given provision and train in it to get new skills and magic, e.g.
Assassin’s profession would create illusions or poison arrows
Professions would also give points to statistics I mean: assassin would give statistics points to the mind and something else that could spice up and make profitable learning a given profession of course the player cannot learn 1000 professions at once so as not to be known as a strong player but a maximum of 3, for example: secret assault, medic, the seller
plus some professions so that they can exclude other professions or how you are an assassin, you will not know what warrior

So far, I will write it all further when I find the next idea
sorry if something is incomprehensible if someone needs it I can try to explain it somehow
I KNOW that some ideas may be rejected due to difficult implementation or simply not fitting into the game so far so I hope that the ideas are even interesting and I will wait for answers
Thank you for reading and best regards ^^

hmm next idea i need found