I was there... But it was few years ago :S

(Viper4K) #1

Well, I was here at the very beginning, when I had my windows 7…

To make it short: school, job, and few other things took all my free time, so I kinda forgot my username…
I don’t think anyone will remember me here to be honest.

Well, at least I’m back, and I’m ready to help with anything that needs help again :smiley:

(Viper4K) #2

I forgot to add: Because of this game and my own project (nfs mw 2005 remaster), I have chosen IT direction in high school! Right now I’m learning about all different programming languages (python, c++, java - even batch and virtual basic script!) but I’ll go on game producing branch as fast as I can!

(The Cookie Dragon) #3

Hi Viper, I vaguely remember! Progress is going good! I’m not sure what you’ve seen last but there’s all sorts of new videos on the youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy5Xy5w94bLlWwIHHejYbYg

(Viper4K) #4

Gotta check 'em all!

I’m glad You remember me!