[IDEA] Arenas and Fighting Styles

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Here’s a “small” idea, directly taken from my phone’s notes, comes with 200% more bad English.


In the Page 372 of the comic Keith is battling a guard, and the only way he defeats him is by using the Wolven fighting Style rather than the Basitin Standard.
The coolest way to implement this is by not only design a diverse moveset for every weapons, but design like 5 movesets per type, 3 for every race plus some bonus lore one ( It’s called Basitin STANDARD, maybe it has variations).

The simplest way instead treats a style as a permanent buff for every race, that only changes the idle animation.

Either way the game should let the player switch to one another in a fight.

Here’s my imagination of Styles:

  • Wolven Style
    A stance with arms open, it’s focused on baiting attacks and getting so Close that the enemy will panic. Attacks animation are very telegraphed but fast enough to be useful.


Attack +20% and Block power-35%

  • Basitin Standard
    From the fight, the guards just waits to Keith to attack and then he just reacts. A Defensive stance for a Style that create openings by becoming a Wall, and getting on the nerves of the enemy, animation include quick strikes, with little to no telegraph but have poor range. Most suited for 1v1s rather than crowd control.


Block Power +20%, Attack -35%

  • Tigers Rage(Made up)
    Jumps, Kicks and pounces for a style based on Speed and element of surprise. A low feral-like stance, bonus points for glowing eyes. Animation similar to the Wolven but special mid-air attacks and grabs Makes it unique.


Attack +50%, Speed +70%, Can’t block.

  • Sly Foxes/Humans( Made up )
    A style for those Who just wanna Survive, not have a good fight, so it’s okay to play dirty. Lots of secondary tools like throwing weapons, ropes and even using the environment( throwing sand in the eyes) will ensure you’ll have the edge on you enemies. Animation have a more sloppy Basitin Standard(For Humans)/Wolven style (for foxes) with lots of dirty moves.


Attack -35% Block power -25% Attack versus stunned/knocked down/ poisoned / backs of enemies +100%

Mh… a way to obtain styles could be by partecipating in Arena Fights.

    Arenas could be situated all over the world, in Human cities, people could Bet their gold in illegal slave fights(Mike boss fight?), Basitin already have Arenas(reference to comic needed) for political business and Keidran…I Think it’s just for entertainment.

  • Modes
    PvP could be just 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 to get points in a leaderboard, every arena ahould gavs special rules( Basitins vs Humans, Punches only…)

PvE could have random waves of enemies versus a team or a solo player.

Losing in the Arena should not result in death ( at least not without a special rule) and it could be fun to spectate and Bet on fights.

Winning certain numbers of Pvp or PvE matches should get you something special (Like a style or special clothes).

This should have been small. Now I need to create another Topic. Oh Well Thanks and Sorry for the third time.

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Talk about Fighting, I’m trying to make some videos to show you some footage of other System in games that you could take spiration from.

Since I don’t like to leave this forum inactive too much(Maybe other will join…stat positive!) I’m gonna post a little summary of the video i’m making, so If you want you can check this games for yourself.

As I’ve said, I think a System that is focused on block and spacing, It’s both too hard to balance and It’s more suited for one on one(I think that in a open world MMO it is rare to find a 1v1 fair battle).

But…the game should give some variety for players…oh whatever I’ll just start with the…


  • Blade & Sou(PC)
    I usually get bored in MMOS, especially the ones that proclaim thenselves as action MMORPGs, and then the combat is more slow than a turn based Game, If you want to know more for the fantastic combat of this game, you’ll have to wait the video. For now I will say that this is the only MMORPG where i care about the story, thanks to the cutscenes and a main quest for your character , and the game handles it in a Strange way but it works. If the story says that a certain city is burning… Well when you visit the city… is burning. You enter this alternate istance where you can only see players that see the city burning too, when the story event is ended, you return to the normal istance of the city. Simple stuff but all the MMOs i’ve played don’t have events like that.
    Playing this game in coop is cool, but most of the events not only puts you in an alternate istance, but in a “offline one”.
    This happens usually in “Solo Dungeon”, you enter a dungeon with your friend, you don’t see him anymore, and you expect a story character to appear from nowhere in that dungeon and Ta-daa! Immersion is ruined, becausw you can expect every story encounter and when characters in the story saying something like " you are the chosen one " and then you exit the dungeon just to find a Lots of “Chosen Ones”. If you’ll every do story quests let the players play them in coop and make story characters say Different things If you have a group with you. I never said you should only learn from the good things of a game. Wait the video for more.

  • Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven(PS2, OriginalXBOX)
    Yup, this is a stealth game, I’ll breafly talk about stealth too, but not from this game, this is a good game because yea,for a good stealth, but a good fight System used in boss fight(or when you’re seen). This game is made by From Software, a popular hack and slash these days, I was tempted to suggest Dark souls but i think is a pretty unbalanced game, If only the Dark souls system was simpler… and this is Tenchu. Without Image or footage is hard to show you, but It’s Pretty simple.
    You have five main buttons.
    Square is attack. You do a combo.

Cross is for jumping when not Locked on or to quickstep in a direction, so is your get out the way button.

Circle, you block, presso it near a enemy, you grab him, ignoring his guard.

Triangle, you use a item, a throwing star, a optional etc.

R2 hold to lock on.

That’s it. The combat is easy to Pick up, but can get complicated with new moves unlocked and adcanced tecniques. You should aim for for a similar learning curve.

  • Tenchu Z(360)
    This game has the most fascinating steakth mechanics i’ve ever seen. To be brief you can sheat your sword or not, the blade reflects some light some with the sword in hand you can be seen easier, but your kill animation are faster, If you go bare handed you’ll grab the enemy instead, you can drag him away or make Jim unconscious(Useful with terrorized civilians) and even Pin him to the ground to “crouch with him” under cover and then you can kill him. It is slower, but some Grab-to-kill animations don’t spill blood. If you are covered in blood you’ll stink and enemies will sense you from afar( Maybe is too dark for TK Online). Hiding in dirty places will do the same effect. When you fall, If you don’t hold the stealth button or you fall in water you’ll do a sound, different Floor means different sound. In short, enemies will use Ears, Eyes and Noses fully to find you.

  • One Piece: Grand Battle Rush! (PS2)
    There are Different versione and Different name for this game.
    If you want to focus on Movement and you want the jump button to not be useless, this is the game for you. The system is some what similar to the one in Tenchu.
    Cross - Horizontal attacks
    Circle - Verticale attacks
    Square - Grab
    Triangle - Jump and double jump
    R1 - block
    L1 - Super move modifier.

In this game two Chibi characters fight eachother in a open arena.( You are not limited to an axis) and Combo system is so simple yet effective. Your combo is made from a combination od cross and Circle. Cross does Horizontal attacks, serie of Punches lunging foward for Example, you can move out of the way, block or just jump, with the jump option leaving you the closest to the enemy to counter attack. If you wanna hit something in the air, you use Circle, Kicks and jumping attacks that are aimed at a 45° Angle. If you wanna be come invincibile…just hold R1. If you wanna use a Guard break attack you press X and O together or you could grab. Like Tenchu, this game is SUPER EASY to Pick up and play but has more advanced strategies. From this game you could learn how to make the jump useful in combat and what is a good anti-air attack.

That’s it for now. Reading good game design is not the same as Watching it in action, but I wanted to explain what should you look for in my suggestions instead of “HERE’S A LIST, COPY EVERYTHING, K BYE”

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The video is ready!

Sadly, I did a lot improvisation in the final take of voice recording. So my script is really different from the end result.
I’ll do another transcription if needed.