Notice anything broken?

(The Cookie Dragon) #1

Notice anything wrong with the site? Write about it so we can attempt to fix it.

(The Cookie Dragon) #2

I broke the forum for a short moment but it’s better now. I have some updater issues.

(DarkAnswer) #3

It’s really laggy

(The Cookie Dragon) #4

main site or the forums?

(tyendinaga) #5

Hello Folks.

Judah, I checked the performance of the website under Firefox. It may not be the same browser Dark here is using but it’s likely close enough to give some indication of how things are impacting his PC. None of the lag is relating to networking so that’s not an issue.

Here’s some reports.

Main Website At Rest

When using the main word press website the load on the system is fairly high. I’m not 100% on the proper way to analyze this data as it is a spur of the moment thing and the numbers provided don’t exactly correlate with my systems listed CPU Usage. System Usage does some to correlate with total CPU Load though. Overall the main website maintains fairly heavy load regardless of what you’re doing and has the highest impact out of anything.

Forum At Load

The Forum pipes up in CPU Usage when you start typing anything. In fact the load isn’t too much lower than the main website but the impact on framerate is lower. I’d interpret this to mean that it’s going to lag less despite using more power when you’re plucking away at it.

Forum At Rest

If you don’t touch the forum and you’re just reading along it quiets right up. It uses essentially no resources unless you’re explicitly typing something out or loading replies. Otherwise it runs a lot nicer than the main website. By comparison the main website is like an American family at an all you can eat buffet.


So here’s a summary of all the analysis I’ve done. Firstly, Judah, you and myself don’t notice any performance hits because our machines are beefy hunks of metal that wont even flinch regardless of what shit you decide to put on the website.

Discourse, our forum software, can be a bit brutal. Whenever you’re typing on it and possibly doing some other things it’s going to eat quite a bit of resources and shit. This is because discourse is active, it loads and sends data all the time. It’s why I can have two different tabs open and work on the post in two different locations. Also the WYSIWYG bit off to the right side probably uses a fair bit of power. When you don’t touch it much, everything is peachy.

The main website running on word press takes up a fair bit of power as you saw in the images above. There’s a reason for this, not because it’s word press. Whatever is going on on the homepage (Possibly those slide shows and shit) is making the website a resource hog. If you tab over to say, the ‘about us’ page, the resource usage drops to a flat zero. It takes nothing to run that page. No impact to performance whatsoever.

(DarkAnswer) #6

The actual game

(The Cookie Dragon) #7

Oh, well this is the site feedback. Proper place to discuss game issues would be here

Since it’s in early development there’s a lot of issues with it right now like lag but we will hopefully be able to tone it back enough for less powerful machines to play it. If you want, post your computer specs on that other thread so we can figure out what hardware to target.