TwoKinds Online - 0.51.1 Islands Update - Cookie Dragon Games

Big changes have come to the tutorial islands, check them out here.

Ocean and Islands

The islands are no longer floating in the air and are instead surrounded in water. You can now swim and not watch your step so closely!

Npc Quest Givers

There are now some human and keidran npcs in the world. Look for quest markers overhead in the starting area, these helpful greeters will give you some instructions.

Further work was done for the npc role system to set up quest givers and different narrative roles. Expect future updates to have even more characters to talk too!

Other Changes

  • Tailor npc to give the crafting recipe for the traveler shirt.
  • Pvp flag changes for players. Fireballs from other players should no longer be lethal.


Known Issues

  • No swim animations.
  • Sometimes you character will sink to the bottom of the water. This may teleport your character back.
  • Npcs like to jump around and spazz out.
  • New terrain is causing a performance hit. A patch should address it relatively soon.
  • Pvp flag was not set properly. Please avoid pvp with other players at the moment.

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