Twokinds Online Playtest #3 July 1st - Cookie Dragon Games

(Admin) #1

Its time to test crafting! There's 3 stations close to the inn. Since I got it working for the first time last night, crafting does not follow the game rules yet. You can craft any item and you don't even need the materials to craft it. Try it out, it has a little minigame that I'm going to randomize and change some stuff to so each craft is different instead of how it is right now.


  • New game world featuring Edinmire
  • Crafting!
  • Some server stability!
  • Fixed chat!
  • Mining

There's probably more changes but I was on vacation between the last test so I don't remember all of them.

Download can be found here

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( AnEmbarrassedDude ) #2

I didn’t play enough to re-try this, but I experienced this:

Maybe it’s my ping(I had constant 200 ping) or only that spot. I will try later.

Oh I experienced something similar by jumping from the Tower… I just bounced…but probably it was the server putting
me back in the air because of lag…but eh. Maybe they are the same issue.

(The Cookie Dragon) #3

Hmm, looks like some lag threw you through the floor. Very strange. And then you fell endlessly because the physics engine kept missing the terrain under you

( AnEmbarrassedDude ) #4

Ok I re-tried, seems like falling out of boundaries everywhere does this. I tried different methods and got some strange results:

You fall faster if you try to move(I didn’t include it in the video cause it was making me sick…and I played Mirror’s Edge)


Well, I didn’t accomplish much (I could have tested if another player could hit me, but I found no one) but maybe this info could help you.

(The Cookie Dragon) #5

I fixed it somewhat. No more endless falling in the next playtest(to be determined).

Here’s a video of a few of us messing around