Twokinds Online Playtest #4.5 August 12th - Cookie Dragon Games

(Admin) #1

So if anyone tried last week's playtest, I am sorry for the mess. This week's is take number two for most of the same features, just more stable.

The road to steam is still delayed, I still have things that need to be setup and configured for the game to connect to the server when launched from steam. Thank you for your patience.


  • Nearly the same as before
  • Unified Credits everywhere!
  • Spread out npcs!
  • Npcs stop killing their own type!
  • Lots of AI ground work
  • Npcs age quickly!
  • New ore smelting crafting minigame! Keep the ore at the right temperature!
  • Forge crafting station and anvil crafting station
  • Different Trees!
  • Simple Minimap!

If you are curious on what is to come, check out the roadmap here.

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