Twokinds Online Version 0.47.4 Update - Cookie Dragon Games

(Admin) #1

It's update time! Lots of improvements for the tutorial/demo area.

  • Updated to Unity 2018.3.6.
  • Updated SpatialOS GDK to 0.1.5.
  • Testing new combat mode.
  • Skillbar finally works as intended.
  • Testing with some combat dummies.
  • Hidden items in the tutorial area.
  • Some chat features added.

Dummies don't react to being attacked yet but the flashy effects are nice.

  • Combat stance. Attack or Press Tab to toggle. Movement speed is slowed when you have your weapon drawn.
  • Slowed down running speed. May speed up a little again.


  • Tools now require entering combat mode to use.
  • Movement feels a little to slow now.
  • Might get stuck in combat mode. Tap TAB if you are walking really slow and in a funny stance.

There is no proper fisticuffs stance. Very silly.

  • Can't make certain jumps anymore and may get stuck.

What use to be a normal jump is now a fall through the clouds. Will be fixed next update.

Also experimenting with putting the download on Grab the and download the game from here if you don't want to mess with steam keys.

Also, the game has a twitter account now! Info about playtests and other updates can be found there in the future.

Steam keys can be requested from the downloads page with an account.

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